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Why Us

we want to make renting your property as painless as possible. Call us today for a completely free consultation to see if Quartz Properties is right for you.

Why Choose Us

Our services include

Regular Income

Through Quartz Properties schemes, landlords earn a consistent income, whether or not the property is actually occupied and in fixed amounts which can be expected and planned for. Quartz Properties schemes do not depend on the rates which the tenant pays.

Reduced Responsibilities

Quartz Properties schemes helps to significantly cut the roles a landlord has to play in the management of their property, relieving them of many responsibilities, giving them time to pursue other things without having to worry about their property.

Peace of Mind

For landlords under Quartz Properties Schemes, this statement holds true in all situations. No need to chase defaulting tenants. irrespective of the economic and occupancy status the landlord gets the agreed guaranteed rent on time. The landlords save thousands of pounds from defaulting tenants and the legal costs associated with them.

0% Commission, No Management Fee

There are no commissions and no hidden extras to pay resulting in significant savings. We also understand that some landlords are reluctant to commit to a long term contract, therefore we offer flexible contracts to meet the landlords individual needs and requirements.

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